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Thursday, October 14th, 2010

The Cost of Metal Roof vs. Asphalt Shingles

Today, people are debating the Cost of a Metal Roof with the cost of asphalt shingles. Of the two, metal roofing is simply more durable compared to all other roofing system options available. In addition, the metal roof’s performance is better than all the others are. Lastly, homeowners who install a metal roof enjoy great savings in their energy bills. Therefore, the actual debate is not on the superiority of the metal roof in comparison with the asphalt roof, but it is on the actual Metal Roof Price.

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Calculating the Cost of a Metal Roof

Generally, roofing costs are computed per square foot. Professional installers usually calculate the total area plus the roof pitch that users require, when applicable. For example, a total roof area of 6,500 sq ft, having a moderate roof pitch of 8 inches rise for every 12 inches run costs somewhere around $4.50 per square foot, or a total of $29,250, including installation, labor, and materials.

Taking the same project, but this time using regular asphalt shingles that only cost about $1.50 for every square foot, the total roof cost would be $9,750, including installation, labor and materials.

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The Long Term Picture

Now, we need to evaluate the cost of asphalt installation and renovation with the Cost of a Metal Roof. In a span of 50 years, you will replace your asphalt roof as many as 5 times. So, that is an overall total of $68,250. Compare that with the $29,250 that you have spent for on a metal roofing system. You see that after 50 years, you are bound to save twice as much on metal roofing than asphalt shingle roofing. This only goes to show that the Metal Roof Cost redeems itself in the long run.

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