How to Break Free of the Roofing Replacement Cycle

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Do-It-Yourselfers: Restore and Paint Your Own Aluminum Roof

Aluminum roofs with Aluminum Roof Paint are becoming more and more popular for residential homes. These roofs do not rust as easily as steel and so they have a longer life. They are light and easy to install as well. However, for protection and aesthetics, an Aluminum Roof Paint will need to be applied every 2-4 years, if the metal roof has not been pre-treated with a special factory-applied coating. And in this economy, if the homeowner finds he needs to spruce up his metal roof with a Cool Roof Coating, he or she will find they can save a lot of money by applying their own Metal Roof Paint.

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Steps for putting on an Aluminum Roof Paint or coatings:

1.    Buy aluminum roof paint and oil-based metal primer from the local hardware store or home center. The paint must be oil-based and specific to aluminum roofs.

2.    Sweep the whole roof with a broom to remove any debris and clear the dust. Use a putty knife to remove stubborn peeling paint.

3.    Scrub or power wash the roof. Mix three gallons of water with half a gallon of detergent in a small bucket for a cleaning solution.

4.    Apply a proper rust inhibiting primer on rusted areas. Use metal putty where needed.

5.    Repair any cracks with a glass reinforced fabric.

6.    Let the roof dry for a minimum of 2 days after scrubbing and repairing.

7.    Apply oil-based metal primer on the roof using a paint roller or spray applicator equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

8.    Let the primer dry for a minimum of 3 days.

9.    Apply Aluminum Roof Paint following the directions of the manufacturer.

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Important Safety Tips:

  • Have a partner with you as you work on the roof. It is also advisable to have somebody on the ground who can get help should an emergency arise
  • Wear footing braces and use a safety harness attached to a secure part of the roof to prevent falls.

Finally, congratulate yourself on both a job well done and on the amount of money you saved by doing it yourself.

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