Why Are So Many Homeowners Choosing
A Permanent Metal Roofing System?

Made from 95% Recycled MaterialsMore and more homeowners are switching to metal roofing systems. And it only makes sense. Metal roofs are simply better than the traditional temporary asphalt shingle. Here are just a few of the reasons.

Metal Roofing Systems Are Absolutely Beautiful.

What's the first thing most people notice when they drive up to a home. Next to landscaping, it's usually the roof. In fact, according to Realtor.com, your roof is one of the best factors for curb appeal and salability. No one wants a roof they are going to have to replace. And they will look to you in the form of a price reduction when you try to sell your house with a tired old roof.

We carry eight different product lines and each of those product lines have multiple colors and styles to choose from. Now your roof can be as unique as you are.

Asphalt shingles just ain't what they used to be.

The old 20 year asphalt shingle once lasted almost twenty years. However, all major shingle manufacturers have significantly changed the way they make their product. Petroleum, the preservative in asphalt shingles, has been dramatically reduced and it has been replaced with fillers such as (can you believe it?) limestone and paper!

"New and improved" really means heavy and vulnerable! The producers of asphalt shingles mislead us by labeling their goods as "30 and 40 year” and now “lifetime” products when their roof and its warranty deteriorate much earlier. Mold and fungus attack the asphalt shingle (due to the limestone) and rapid deterioration ensues. A Metal Roofing Systems' roof will stay looking great for decades and many of our products carry a non-pro-rated warranty for as long as you own our home.

A temporary asphalt roof costs much more than a permanent metal roof.

A permanent metal roof installation will add instant real value to your home. A temporary roof will add nothing to the equity of your home. In fact, the asphalt shingle begins to depreciate in value the moment it is installed. Considering a new roof now and then having to replace it again in 10-12 years (at a time inflated cost) you can easily see how a new permanent metal roof will significantly reduce the annual cost of protecting your home!

Beautiful Metal Roof

Extreme Weather and Fire Are No Match For A Metal Roofing System.

Extreme Weath and fire are no match for a metal roofing system

Burning embers destroyed all of the homes in this neighborhood, except the home with the Metal Roof!

While all of the neighbors fought (without success) to save their homes by watering down their asphalt roofs, burning embers simply could not ignite the metal roof.

The facts are simple and undeniable — a metal roofing system drastically increases the chance of saving your home in a fire. That’s because permanent metal roofing systems are not fire resistant, they are absolutely FIRE PROOF.

Your permanent metal roof will also withstand the harshest weather conditions without so much as a scratch or dent.

Hail is one of Mother Nature’s biggest weapons, especially here in the Midwest. But it’s no match for a permanent roof. Most metal roofs have the best UL standard 2218 rating (class 4) for hail protection.

In addition to hail protection, many permanent roofs are also warranted against winds up to 120 miles per hour — the equivalent of an F2 tornado!

In fact, you should call your insurance company. Many insurance companies will give you a discount on your homeowner's policy if you install an impact, fire and wind resistant metal roofing system.