Can I Save Money by Installing
My New Roof Myself?

Metal Roofing - Do It Yourself


Installing a new residential metal roofing system in Wisconsin is time consuming and if problems arise, it can be inherently difficult. However, if you can follow directions and are prepared to work safely on your roof, you can learn to install your own metal roofing system… and we can help!

All of our DIY customers have successfully completed their projects and are now enjoying the beauty and permanence of their new metal roof.

You can attend one of our "Do It Yourself" seminars FREE (held the first Saturday of each quarter) - and learn how to install your own metal roofing system.

Warning: This is not for everyone; however, if your home has a reasonably simple roof profile you may consider installing our roof yourself, saving hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars.

When you purchase a DIY metal roof from us we will give you one-on-one personal instruction on a mock roof right on the ground in our warehouse facility. You will leave confident that you can work up to the task!

Contact us now and ask about our DIY program.