3 Metal Roofing Styles You Should Consider

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Metal Roof Paints Now Use Nanotechnology to Last a Lifetime

Metal roofs with Metal Roof Paint are very affordable, durable and can be installed fast, which makes them extremely popular in the construction of residential homes. The major problem with metal roofs in warm weather is the fact that they absorb and retain enormous quantities of heat. Metal roofs must be coated with a Metal Roof Paint to reflect the heat as well as prevent rust and provide waterproofing. The most popular coating applied to residential metal roofs is a nanotechnology solar reflective coating, such as a Kynar/Hylar finish.

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Reflective Metal Roof Paint

Nanotechnology solar reflective Metal Roof Paint, such as Kynar/Hylar, are reflective coatings that act as radiant barriers reflecting sunlight efficiently and increase radiant heat exponentially as the surface heats up. This makes them perfect for application for residential metal roofs. Heat reflection from homes with metal roofs is reduced by 30% typically, thus instantly making the home more energy-efficient.

This new generation of Metal Roof Coatings also adds more value and benefits to metal sheet roofs, such as:

  • It extends the metal roof’s lifespan. Since the metal expands and contracts less due to lower temperature variations, it causes less stress on bolts and joints.
  • Risk of leaks is reduced, as is the need for any ongoing maintenance.
  • Coated metal sheet roofs are cool and reduce the urban heat island effect.
  • Some nanotechnology coatings also include Titanium Dioxide that makes them essentially self-cleaning. Metal sheet roofs in industrial areas with lots of dust will remain clean longer and are less sensitive to acids (such as the ones used in cooling towers). In coastal areas, these coatings protect the metal sheet from marine salt.

We Have a Kynar/Hylar Finish to Coordinate With Your Home

Typically, a metal roof must be painted every 2-4 years. Metal roofing using long-life paints like Kynar should not normally require maintenance until the paint fails. These products have been used for over half a century now in the U.S. and few installations have failed. These Metal Roof Sealants are considered a lifetime product, which makes them the best roof investment available.

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