Country Manor Shake Metal Roofing System

Country Manor Shake ColorsHand-split wood shakes have been used to roof American homes for centuries, and they are still widely chosen for their character, charm, and beauty. But there is a problem with using natural wood, especially in the Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin areas… as a roofing solution, it has undeniable drawbacks.

If you want to maintain their natural beauty, wood shakes require ongoing (read constant) maintenance, including but not limited to regular cleanings and chemical treatments. And, all the while, they still pose a serious fire risk to your home. A wind-blown ember, whether from a chimney or wildfire, can easily ignite a wood shake roof.

The Country Manor Shake metal roofing system was specifically designed to match the beautiful look of wood shakes…but without all of the problems.

The Country Manor Shake is an investment-grade metal roofing system that provides your home with the beauty, protection, and increased value you desire. Our Country Manor Shake metal roofing is the perfect roof for Madison and Milwaukee homeowners. With the rich, inviting beauty of hand-split cedar shakes, a Country Manor Shake metal roof will enhance your home in ways you never thought possible.

The Country Manor Shake metal roofing system is a completely interlocked roofing system. These shingles lock together on all sides to form a watertight seal on your home for unbeatable wind resistance and protection. It has been approved by building codes in some of the toughest coastal areas and tested to withstand 110 MPH wind-driven rain as well as 90 pounds per square foot uplift. Experience the difference in quality with our long-lasting metal roofing solutions — contact us today to learn more and get started.