You Wouldn’t Keep Your Windows Open All Year, but What About Your Roof?

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Amazing Advanced Metal Roofing

Over the course of the past 15 years, advanced metal roofing progressed to include top quality, fire resistant, environmentally friendly metal roofing materials. Long gone is the time where people thought of these roofs as being fragile, rugged looking, low quality” and highly corrosive. Once, they were designated for use only on barns and other farm outbuildings as well as factories, warehouses and other commercial buildings.

Our Advanced Metal Roofing Materials Are Environmentally Friendly, Fire Resistant and Long Lasting

The Next Generation of Advanced Metal Roofing Is on the Market

The current generation of the advanced metal roof is built of very strong, durable materials, yet it is still very light in weight. Amazingly, these roofing materials are also very easy to install for both professional and do-it-yourself roofers. With the plethora of advances in the automated manufacturing of metal for building construction, industry statistics are projecting that the implementation of advanced residential metal roofing will triple within the next five years.

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Metal roofing comes in several different forms or shapes, most of the time imitating other products such as slate, wood, granite. In the factory, they are given a final rust resistant finish so you get the effect of a genuine product. The latest techniques, including automated roll-forming, coatings, sealants, and fastening systems, have dramatically lowered the cost of metal roofing products and only increased its versatility as the variety of colors, textures and styles has multiplied making them desirable for a metal roof for homes.

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