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Monday, January 31st, 2011

Aluminum Metal Roofing Lasts a Lifetime and Beyond


Aluminum metal roofing is the perfect alternative for virtually any roof where steel or other materials are being considered. Its natural properties, lightweight materials, strength, and longevity, makes aluminum a very desirable roofing material. These qualities make aluminum the number one metal of the aerospace industry, so it only makes sense for these metal roofing materials to be equally popular in the Wisconsin metal roofing industry. Metal Roofing Systems installs aluminum metal roofing in Madison, Milwaukee, Stoughton, Waunakee, Racine and other towns throughout southern Wisconsin

Because aluminum metal roofs are very lightweight, consumers can re-roof over asphalt shingle roofing on their home, and reduce the weight on their housing structure. Unlike heavy tile and slate roofing, sheet metal roofing does not require structural reinforcement.

Your New Metal Roof Will Look Great for Decades and Carries a Non-Pro-Rated Warranty for as Long as You Own our Home!

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Aluminum Roofing and Recycled Metal

Aluminum roof panels also have a high content of recycled materials, and as such are completely recyclable, making them environmentally friendly. In fact, they are the most environmentally friendly roof you can buy. They can be made of up to 98% recycled aluminum. And if ever removed, they do not end up in a landfill like asphalt roofing, but are simply recycled.

Aluminum shingles will not rust, rot, tear, or become infested by bugs or mold. These unique characteristics make aluminum metal roofing the preferred material in salt spray costal environments.

Metal Roofing Systems’ Aluminium Metal Roofs are Environmentally Friendly

Aluminum Metal Roofing – A Variety of Styles to Match Your Architecture

These aluminum shingles are now being made to resemble cedar shakes, slate and clay tiles. Aluminum shingles are simply made by taking a sheet of aluminum and stamping the desired pattern (shake, tile, slate) onto the metal. A Kynar finish is applied to each shingle and the finish is baked to ensure color retention and shingle protection. There are a variety of patterns and colors available to match contemporary and classic styles.

Aluminum metal roofing systems are long-lasting, fire resistant, energy efficient and great for insulating. According to surveys conducted by leading aluminum roofing manufacturers, home owners can expect their heating and cooling costs to decrease by about 20 percent each year. And they can expect their aluminum metal roofing to last their entire lifetime and beyond. Permanent metal roofs are the present and the future in the roofing industry.

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