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Friday, April 15th, 2011

7 Good Reasons to Buy Metal Slate Roofing

The most popular choice in roofing material has always been shingles, so more and more homeowners are considering metal slate roofing with its popular, environmentally friendly, slate roofing materials for many reasons.  Metal Roofing Systems offers some of the best systems on the market and we install residential roofing and roofing for houses of worship/churches (and flat metal commercial roofing) throughout Southern Wisconsin.

Metal Roofing Systems’ Oxford Shingle Metal Slate Roof Has a “Kynar/Hylar” Finish and Comes in Many Colors

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7 Good Reasons to Buy a Metal Slate Roof:

    1. The slate metal roofing materials are natural and abundant.
    2. A slate metal roof has a classic, elegant and beautiful appearance.
    3. The metal slate roof can be formed, styled, printed, colored, and stamped to match the look of your home and its architectural style.
    4. The slate metal roof is energy efficient saving the homeowner up to 40% on their energy cooling bills. Learn more about energy efficient roofing.
    5. Metal slate roofs are completely low maintenance other than removing debris on the roof from storms.

Our Oxford Shingle Is an Investment-Grade Slate Metal Roof which Provides Beauty, Protection, and Increased Value to Your Home

  1. Metal slate roofs are durable and can stand up against the elements. Low temperatures, lots of moisture, direct sunlight, and high winds do not have much of an effect on slate metal roofing.
  2. Slate metal roofing will last as lifetime” up to 50 years or more so you get a great ROI (return of investment).

Metal Slate Roofing Outlasts Asphalt Shingles

Even those in the metal roof industry will admit that, on average, metal slate roofing can initially cost significantly more to install than asphalt-shingled roofs. Conversely, you should also consider that in the same 50 years of having one slate metal roof installed, an asphalt roof would have to be replaced at least 3 times. For this reason alone, in the long run, a slate metal roof could actually save you money.

Modern slate metal roofing styles range from more traditional metal panels and shingles to metal that is made to look like tile or wood. It comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Whatever the architectural design of your home is, there is slate metal roofing that will compliment its appearance.

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