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Metal Roofing Systems Are The "Go To" Roofs For Schools And Churches.

The leadership of religious organizations (and schools) tend to lean towards the conservative direction in stewardship of the resources entrusted them by their congregations. And it only makes sense. With limited resources, schools and churches have to ensure that they get the best value out of every dollar spent.

One congregation even went so far as to perform a thorough 50-year cost analysis for the installation of their roofing. They needed something that was going to last and if possible, that was going to save them money over time. Nothing proved better than our Patented Aluminum Kynar500/Hylar 5000 metal roofing system.

In fact, based on their projections, our exclusive Aluminum roofing solution would save them close to $500,000 over the next 50 years!

Bottom Line: There are three very good reasons why a metal roofing system is the perfect solution for schools and churches.


Life-Cycle Cost

A permanent Metal Roofing Systems' roof is particularly appealing to stewards of our permanent structures. A Metal Roofing Systems' roof is the only roof your church will ever need. Our roofing systems are not only beautiful and permanent but energy-efficient as well. When the weather is warm, cooling costs are reduced by up to 20% by reflecting the sun's heat away from the surface of the roof. In the winter, reflected heat from the sun helps the roof shed snow and ice evenly and quickly. Together, Metal Roofing Systems with the patented "Kynar 500/Hylar 5000" coating will significantly reduce the overall life-cycle cost of roofing!


Quality and Maintenance

Metal Roofing Systems provides unsurpassed quality and outstanding customer support. Many of our permanent roofing systems are made of rust-free, lightweight, recycled aluminum. Your new roof will always be maintenance-free, strong, durable, and environmentally friendly.


Preservation of Historical Integrity and Beauty

With rich and inviting beauty, Metal Roofing Systems will enhance your house of worship in ways you never thought possible. An investment grade roof provides your sanctuary with eternal beauty and everlasting protection to answer your roofing prayers!

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