How to Install a Metal Roof

DIY metal roofing

DIY metal roofing is a significant undertaking, and it is best undertaken by a seasoned do-it-yourselfer. Metal roofs are among the most secure you can find and are weather-resistant. Make sure your roof has been prepared sufficiently ahead of time for the job and that you have the right materials. Also take steps to ensure your safety, and work with a safety rope at all times.

Get Your Tools Together

Make sure you have everything you need for the roofing project before you start. To know what you need, thorough plan and diagram. Order metal panels from a store that sells roofing supplies and ensure they conform to the measurements on your diagram. Once the diagram is drawn, you have the tools you need and you have the right number of metal sheets, go on to the next step.

Remove the Old Roof

Before you install the new roof, completely remove the old roof so the installation job will be smooth. After the removal, prepare the surface is clean and ready.

Place the Underlayment

Beneath your roof, you will need ice and water underlayment. Install it horizontally with just the right amount of tension.  Nail down the first layer of underlayment securely and continue with the installation.

Install the Flashing

Next, lay the flashing over your roof’s eaves and leave some space at the edges. Fasten it with screws.

Position the Metal Sheets

After all of the previous steps have been taken, you can begin to install the metal sheet and keep them in place with screws. Pay attention to the position of metal clips when fastening the sheets.

Your DIY metal roofing project will be a success with the right preparation, materials and tools. Talk over your plans with experts and make sure the diagrams are drawn accurately. Finally, before starting, ensure you have the tools and materials for the job.