Understanding When to Re-Roof Your Home

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Re-roofing is a great investment in the value and longevity of your home, but many people are unaware of the signs it is needed. Obvious indications such as leaks and visible decay are clear, but there are plenty of other symptoms you should pay attention to, too. If you are considering call Milwaukee roofing contractors, first consider these three criteria for determining whether or not you need to schedule re-roofing.

Check for Sagging

Even if you do not see any damage or problems from the exterior of your home, there can be extensive damage that becomes apparent when examined from another angle. You can check for sagging roof decking from your attic by shining a flashlight on the ceiling. If you notice that is seems to bow, this is a surefire sign you need to get in touch with Milwaukee roofing contractors and schedule an appointment for re-roofing.

Consider Your Roof’s Materials

There is no objective expiration date for a roof. Some need to be replaced after 15 years, while others last upwards of 20 years. In determining whether or not yours needs to be replaced, you should consider the material it is made of and check how frequently it requires replacement. Metal is one of the most durable materials available, while other materials are likely to need replacement sooner.

Determine the Affordability

One of the most common reasons homeowners delay roofing replacement is the cost of the construction. If the price tag is holding you back, consider whether hiring Milwaukee roofing contractors to replace your roof may be less expensive than continually paying for repairs. Another important factor is whether you plan to list your home any time soon. Re-roofing is a great investment and an asset when your home is on the market. Buyers are sure to be attracted to a home that boasts recent updates such as this.