Tips for Maintaining a Metal Roof

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Versatile Metal Roof Design

Metal roof design provides options that extend the look of a home or building structure that come exclusively with using metal roofing materials. Metal roofing popularity is on the rise because of energy savings, environmental concerns, longevity, and many other advantages including expanded metal roof colors and warranties. Metal roofs are also gaining momentum as they last longer than other roofing materials, usually from 50 to 100 years; and homes with metal roofs have higher resale values. Metal roofs for homes were used in 15-20% of re-roofing projects in 2010.

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Metal Roof Designs Offer Savings on Heating and Cooling

With proper metal roof designs, metal roofing systems save energy by reducing a building’s cooling and/or heating load. Many metal roofing systems are reflective, easily vented, and lend themselves well to insulated roof systems to help reduce heat gain into a building. Many metal roof materials are also formed in ways that stop heat transfer through conduction by allowing only minimal contact between the metal and the underlying structure.

Metal Roof Designs Fit Most Architectural Styles

Most homebuilders choose a metal roof design for residential construction from these six popular styles: gable, hip, gambrel, mansard, flat and shed. Mixing roof styles on a single house is common, and adds more interest to the architectural roof design. Climate and weather conditions often determine what type of metal roof design is most feasible, i.e., a metal roof is particularly feasible in colder climates.

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Metal roof designs can reasonably duplicate any heritage appearance desired; and also offer distinguished visual effects for the discriminating homeowner. Attractive metal roof products are manufactured to look like many asphalt, slate, architectural shingles, tile, or even cedar shakes.

For a wide choice of metal roof design for homes including styles, appearance and long-time high durability combined with a Class A fire rating and superior wind resistance, why not consider quality-designed metal roof for your next roofing project?

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