The Benefits of a Metal Roof

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The Benefits of a Metal Roof

Do you want your home to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly? Then there is a big secret known to Milwaukee roofing contractors that you must know. Metal roofs are a great option for fulfilling both of these “green” concerns. Here’s a look at how these roofs work.

Recycled Materials

The first way a metal roof is more environmentally friendly is that it can be made from recycled metals. Steel and aluminum are the most common metals used for roofs and they are also heavily recycled. Imagine the good you’ll be doing by taking old soda cans and car bodies to use as your roof, only manufactured to look quite a bit better. Look for Milwaukee roofing contractors near you who can install metal roofs.

Waste Reduction

In many little ways, metal roofs produce less waste than standard shingle roofs. The metal itself is more durable and does not chip away into tiny particles. Larger pieces also don’t break away in high winds or during heavy rain storms. One more benefit: replacing or installing a metal roof is a very clean process with little waste.

Better Insulation

The reflective property of a metal roof increases your home’s energy efficiency. Some metal roofs are even painted with special chemicals to reflect infrared wavelengths. These two factors combine to provide a reduction in most home energy bills. Some homes that switch from shingles to metal roofs have recorded a decrease of as much as 25 percent on their utilities cost for both heating and cooling their home.

Making a change to your roof can have many positive impacts to your home and the environment. Because metal roofs are easily made from recyclable materials and reduce waste when compared to ordinary roofs, you know you’ll be doing your part to help the environment. Because metal roofs also are great insulators, you may see a reduction in your next energy bill. Contact local Milwaukee roofing contractors to learn more.