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Metal Roofing vs. Shingles Metal Roofs – Permanent Metal Roofing Solutions

Consider metal roof vs. shingles cost when determining your roof repairs or replacement. Metal Roofing Systems serves customers in Milwaukee, Madison and southern Wisconsin. If you are need of roofing, contact us for consultation on installing a metal roofing system on your home, house of worship, church or commercial building (flat commercial roofs). We will gladly offer advice and provide you with a bid estimate for your particular situation. We realize that there are many factors to consider when repairing or replacing your current roof and all of the costs associated with materials and labor.

Factors to Consider – Roof Repair or Replacement
There are many factors to consider when comparing a metal roof vs. shingles, cost being one of the main factors. Metal roof systems are permanent replacements (or in many cases, the metal roofs are installed over an existing roof) for traditional asphalt shingle and wood frame roofing. Some of the cost factors to consider include:

“¢ Asphalt shingle roofs are less expensive than metal roofs

“¢ Asphalt roofs need shingles replaced periodically

“¢ Asphalt shingles and wood frame roofs usually require a complete replacement within 20 years due to natural deterioration

“¢ Metal roofing systems are permanent and will last at least 100 years

“¢ The initial cost of metal roofing and labor is always higher than with a shingle roof, but that is quickly offset when you consider that you don’t have to replace parts of the roof every few years, or the entire roof every couple of decades

“¢ Usually, metal roofs are installed over existing roofs (the state of the current roof and local ordinances are the two main factors in whether a metal roof can be installed over your traditional asphalt roof)

“¢ Metal roofs can withstand high winds (hurricane level winds) and easily withstand up to 1″ hail, and the roofs are designed to be leak-proof – all of this means you do not have the occasional repair costs associated with shingle roofs

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Consultation and Information on Metal Roofs
We gladly provide estimates or bids (for churches and business throughout their bid analyses) for metal roof installation. Get the information that you need when considering a metal roof vs. shingles, and consider the differences in prices.

We invite prospective customers or “do-it-yourselfers” to attend one of our DIY seminars on metal roofing installation. You can also contact Metal Roofing Services customer service team with questions, or for more details about the various metal roof solutions we offer. Our toll-free number is 855-678-ROOF (7663). Local calls: 608-663-2687 or 414-727-1810.