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How to Install Metal Roofing Over ShinglesInstalling a metal roof over shingles is usually an option for our residential and commercial customers in Milwaukee, Madison and throughout southern Wisconsin. Two main factors that allow Metal Roofing Systems to install a metal roof over an existing roof are the condition of the current roof and any local ordinances. Some roofs are in such a poor state, that it may be necessary to tear off the roof first, but this is fairly rare occurrence.

Professional Roofing Contractors for System Installations
Installing a metal roof over shingles (asphalt or newer paper-based shingles) is a complicated task. Experienced carpenters or handymen may have the skill for a large DIY (do-it-yourself) project. If this is the case, we recommend attending our seminar on how to install metal roofing (prospective customers are welcome) from Metal Roofing Systems. If you choose to hire our roofing company to install your permanent metal roof, then there are several services you can expect:

“¢ Full consultation on whether your circumstances are suited to your current asphalt roof (repair or replacing with a similar roof), or if you would actually benefit from a metal roofing system that can last for decades , for the next generation of a congregation, or for a long-term solution for a flat commercial roof

“¢ Provide answers to all bid or estimate questions regarding the cost of a particular roofing system, as well as labor costs

“¢ Give a full assessment of the options of installing a metal roof over shingles (directly over the existing roof) or indicating the likelihood of a complete roof replacement

“¢ Complete the entire metal roof installation quickly and effectively to guarantee you have a leak-proof system that will last decade after decade

“¢ Ensure that all work is done to the agreed upon specifications and ensure that your metal roof system is installed according to local ordinances and state requirements

Learn about our metal roofing system options by reviewing our photo gallery. We offer many options that will fit your architecture and style. Learn what our customers have to say about having a metal roof installed over shingles, and their opinion of the process and product.

Feel free to contact Metal Roofing Systems anytime with questions, or for more information. Our toll-free number is 855-678-ROOF (7663).