Considerations for Selecting a Metal Roof

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Metal Roofing Repair: Save Money By Doing-It-Yourself

A metal roofing repair job will fix your annoying, leaking metal roof. Metal roofs are generally very durable, but because of storm damage, rust, or expansion and contraction of the metal, they occasionally need repair. We offer do-it-yourself (DIY) training if you wish to tackle this metal roof restoration on your own.  Anyone in Madison, WI, Milwaukee or Southern Wisconsin, is welcome to attend a DIY seminar.

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Tips on Metal Roofing Repair

Here is what you need to know to do a good metal roof leak repair job to stop that leak:

  1. Get a replacement piece of the same metal to make a patch.
  2. Clean the damaged area with all-purpose cleaner and let it dry, then go over it with a wire brush to remove debris.
  3. Cut a patch at least 2 inches larger than the damaged area and cut the corners as well
  4. Fold the edges under about 1/2 inch, and sand the folded parts until they’re shinier than the rest of the patch.
  5. Put flux both on the surface to be patched and along the folded edges of the patch.
  6. Put the patch into place and weight it down with a cinder block or brick.
  7. Place solder to the seam, and use a soldering iron to heat it until it melts and runs under the patch.
  8. Follow the patch all the way around with the solder and soldering iron. Try not to leave any open spaces or the patch will be ineffective.
  9. Coat the roof area with roofing cement.
  10. Press one patch over the area and apply another coat of cement.
  11. Repeat with the last patch and a final coat of roofing cement.

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Spotting a Roofing Problem

The main thing with any metal roof repair is simply getting into the habit of spotting a minor problem before it becomes a major one. You will want to clear dirt and debris so that it does not easily puncture a hole during a storm , and that can lead to a leak , which can lead to all manner of major problems down the line.

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