How Many References Is It Going To Take?

5, 10, 15… How About 100?

ReferencesImagine for a moment that you are the CEO of a major corporation and you're interviewing someone for a high level position with your company.

Now imagine at the end of the interview the person you're interviewing hands you a pre-printed—handpicked—list of references… just like every other person that has interviewed for the job has done.

But now, imagine that instead of a pre-printed list, a person pulls out their cell phone. They then hand you the phone and tell you to call anyone in their contact list. And what if that person tells you to keep calling different people until you felt 100% confident that this was the right person for the job?

Do you think you might get a different set of results over just calling a list of people that were prepared beforehand? Why should it be any different when you are "interviewing" roofing companies in Madison or Milwaukee to work on your home?

Just give us a call, tell us how many references you would like and we'll send them to you or give you their contact information right over the phone. All we ask is that you respect their privacy, as well as calling at a decent hour.

Also, in case you're not sure about what to ask, here are a few questions you should ask ANY contractors references:

  • How satisfied are you with the work that was done?
  • Did we deliver EXACTLY what was promised?
  • Did you have any issues or problems… if yes, how did we handle those issues?
  • How did they handle communications?
  • Did they make themselves available to you?
  • Was there anything at all that you didn’t like about them?
  • And the most critical question YOU MUST ASK: If you had to do it over, would you choose them again?

We look forward to serving you. Please contact us at 855-678-ROOF (7663) if you have any questions.