Olde World Cedar Shake

The New Standard of Beauty and Durability in Residential Metal Roofing Systems

Olde World Cedar Shake Sample Colors 3 Scaled E1616171254968 700x841.jpg

Metal Roofing Systems is proud to debut a true breakthrough in residential metal roofing systems: Olde World Cedar Shake shingles. Based on a proven design profile, Olde World Cedar Shake shingles feature a new dimensional color pattern that elegantly captures the rich look of cedar shake wood shingles while offering the durability and permanence of metal.

With an Olde World Cedar Shake roof system, you’ll enjoy benefits that create an elite look and long-term durability:

  • A Hi-R Kynar finish – This colorfast no-fade paint technology reflects the sun’s infrared rays – the rays that cause excess heat buildup. Hi-R Kynar paint helps keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.
  • A four-way interlocking design – This design creates extra strength so that your Olde World Cedar Shake shingles can withstand Michigan’s severe weather. Your roof will easily hold up in hurricane-force winds and two-inch hail without leaking.
  • A heavy 0.19” aluminum alloy – This sturdy material ensures the roof remains exceptionally durable for decades, handling nearly anything nature throws its way.

These benefits, combined with the top-shelf beauty of Olde World Cedar Shake, make these shingles the best choice for long-term beauty and value.

Available in two colors – Olde World Cedar Shake Gray and Olde World Cedar Shake Brown – Olde World Cedar Shake shingles are the new standard of beauty and durability in residential metal roofing systems.