It’s The Guy On The Roof Holding The Hammer.

That's The Difference Between A Roof That's Done…Or DONE RIGHT.

Expert Installation

Nothing angers me more than seeing roofing contractors in Madison (or anywhere else) ruthlessly cutting their labor costs by hiring unskilled and untrained "day laborers." Sure, it might increase the bottom line, but it's a recipe for disaster.

How do we know this to be true? Simple. In a recent report published by Clemson University (in association with the National Roofing Contractors Association), it was discovered that over 80% of all roofing is installed incorrectly.

And that is a huge problem for homeowners.

You see, if your roof is ever damaged or fails, and you need to file an insurance or warranty claim, the insurance company or manufacturer can legally deny your claim due to faulty installation.

The problem is that over 80% of a roof installation happens where you can't see it. Once the top layer of panels goes up, a faulty roof can look just as good as a perfect roof. And you won't know the difference until it's too late. And don't count on the inspector to check. In our 25+ years of experience, we've never seen an inspector get on the roof and inspect the installation.

That's why you really need to be able to trust your contractor, and you need to know that the person on your roof is qualified to be there.

Our team of roofers are highly trained and highly experienced professionals. (You can view their certifications by clicking here). We never cut corners, and we never accept marginal work. In fact, we've been known to rip out entire sections of roofing and start over if we find a problem.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't trust your home—or your wallet—to just anyone, because even the best products in the world will fail if they are not installed correctly.