You Wouldn’t Keep Your Windows Open All Year, but What About Your Roof?

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When it comes to energy efficiency and protecting a home from the elements, most people think only of their windows. Yet a home can lose just as much energy from its roof, which is the first line of defense against inclement weather and temperature fluctuations. If your roof needs repairs or replacement, it’s important to act quickly to prevent water leaks and damage that may lead to dangerous mold growth, or even compromise the structural integrity of your home. There are options when it comes to selecting roofing contractors in Milwaukee, WI, but the right company can provide skilled and effective work to ensure the stability of your home, improve its energy efficiency, and save you money. Consider these factors when choosing the right person for the job.

Materials Matter

Many roofs are made with shingles that contain asphalt, but the durability of these materials has declined significantly in the last 30 years as manufacturers have reduced the amount of petroleum in their formulations. Whereas asphalt shingles generally last 10 to 20 years on average, today’s metal roofing shingles typically last several decades or longer. Metal shingles are also eco-friendly. In addition to helping you increase the energy efficiency of your house, they are typically made from recycled materials, and can themselves be recycled if necessary.

Upfront Costs Yield Long-Term Savings

A new roof is an investment, but with a metal roofing system, it’s an investment you’ll probably only have to make once. Because they last much longer, metal shingles are less likely to require costly repairs or replacement than a conventional asphalt roof. Roofing contractors in Milwaukee, WI, who specialize in metal roofing systems can help you add value to your home and improve savings through energy efficiency.

While the price of hiring a handyman or day laborer may initially appear lower, this can cost you more in the long run. A job that isn’t done right is likely to fail, which can lead to costly repairs. Experienced roofing contractors in Milwaukee, WI, can complete installation right the first time, which can add value to your home, improve its efficiency, and lead to long-term savings.