Why You Should Choose A Metal Roof

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Calculating Metal Roof Cost Per Square Foot

Costs Depend Upon the Materials and Your Architecture

Building materials are usually sold by the “square” i.e., enough to cover 100 square feet. Professional installers calculate the total area plus the roof pitch, when applicable, to obtain the metal roof cost per square foot. For example, a total roof area of 6,500 sq ft, having a moderate roof pitch of 8 inches rise for every 12 inches run costs somewhere around $6.50 per square foot. The metal roofing cost per square foot also includes installation, labor, and all the materials needed to put up the whole system. The total contract value of the base roofing materials for that particular job would then be around $29,250, but the roof will probably not have to be replaced in your lifetime, which negates the upfront cost, actually saving money over the long run.

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Typical Metal Roofing Costs

Because of the slope, a roof generally has a larger square footage than the house it sits on , a 1,500-square-foot home could have a 2,100-square-foot roof. Interlocking aluminum shingles start around $6.50 to $9.00 per square foot for labor and materials, or $11,900 – $19,800 for a typical ranch-style home. Aluminum, standing seam, metal roof costs per square foot (panels) start around $9 to $11 a square foot, or $15,300 to $24,200 for a basic ranch-style home; costs can go up to $12 to $15 a square foot or more for complicated installation projects. These metal roofing prices could go higher depending on whether the residence is a two or three story home or townhouse; the location; the type of materials being removed and the difficulty of the removal project.

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Additional Factors Affecting Metal Roofing Prices

One of the factors that affect the price of a metal roof is the projected lifespan. While the average cost of metal roofing is more expensive than other roofing materials, a metal roof can give you a bigger chunk of savings because the materials used in metal roofing have longer lifespan compared to other roofing materials. For example, asphalt shingle roofs can last around 15 to 30 years (depending on environmental conditions) while metal roofs, such as those made of aluminum or copper, have a lifespan of 50 to 100 years.

The grade of the roofing materials (and the style) is also another factor that determines the price of the metal roofing. Metal roofing comes in different grades depending on the material it is made of. All roofing materials are coated with a certain type of alloy or finishing to make it corrosion-resistant; and the thickness of the coating used determines the grade of the metal roofing. Thicker coatings prolong the lifespan of the roof and come at a higher price, but it is worth it.

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