Why Metal Roofing May Be a Great Pick for Residential Properties

A strong demand for raised seam metal roofing has emerged within the residential sector , in both new, and retrofit projects , as architectural standing seam systems are used now more often than traditional structural systems. More than 2 billion square feet of standing seam metal roofing is installed annually in the United States, a figure that continues to grow each year.

Raised Seam Metal Roofing , Aesthetic and Tangible Benefits

As an aesthetic element, the standing or raised seam metal roof is hard to beat with its range of colors and environmentally friendly, long-lasting materials. But, there are a host of other benefits as well.

Thermal Resistance
Fiberglass blanket insulation is installed over the existing roof surface to reduce energy costs and dampen noise; Foam insulation blocks can be used between the roof panels, roof deck, and substructures to prevent thermal loss.

Thermal Movement
The standing seam system features an innovative concealed clip fastening method that enables the metal roof panels to move independently or float over the sub-structure.

Ease of Installation
In many projects, the standing seam metal roof can be installed without having to tear off the existing system.

Adding Slope
Another major advantage is the ability to create slope with the use of a sub-assembly system. The extra space created by the sub-assembly also provides a convenient area for adding insulation.

Fire Resistance
Standing seam metal roofing panels are considered to offer a low fire hazard and carry a Factory Mutual Class A fire rating (the highest in the industry), which can substantially reduce building insurance rates for the homeowner.

Maintenance Free
The raised seam metal roof’s minimal maintenance requirements contribute significantly to its favorable life-cycle cost. It will not rip, tear, puncture, shrink, creep, slip, blow off or burn. Nor will it be sensitive to ultra violet degradation or chemical contaminants such as grease and compressor oils.

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