What is the most expensive Metal Roof?


What Is The Most Expensive Metal Roof 2


What is the most expensive Metal Roof?

One of the questions we get frequently is, how much does a metal roof cost? And what is the most expensive metal roof? You might think of copper or platinum as being the most expensive metal roof and they are very expensive! However, the truly most expensive metal roof is the metal roof you tear off because it failed long before it’s time! We talk to people every week who ask; do you repair metal roofs? They are calling Metal Roofing Systems because the original contractor is no longer around or not responding to calls for help!

There are many reasons why a metal roof could fail. The most common we can usually link to is improper metal roof installation. You can imagine, most metal roofing contractors start their businesses installing temporary asphalt shingles. There’s an enormous learning curve when transitioning from temporary asphalt shingles to installing a quality metal roof! Unless proper training is provided for the install technicians there will be problems ranging from annoying to catastrophic!

Another reason for problems, is the metal roofing product that’s installed. Factors that lead to product failure can be a wide range of issues such as: the type of metal used (tin roofing, steel roofing vs copper roofing or aluminum roofing), premade trims for sidewall, valley and starter may be inferior to quality trims or they may not live up to the climate in which they were installed.
Homeowners most difficult decision is, what permanent roofing product will be installed and by whom!

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