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Metal Roofing System Installation in Madison, WI and Milwaukee
Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Metal Roofing Systems

A metal roofing system is an ideal, permanent roofing solutions provider, particularly when compared with asphalt shingle and wood frame roofs.  Metal Roofing Systems is your permanent roofing solutions provider and contractors in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Madison, Stoughton, Jefferson, Beloit, Elkhorn, Waunakee, Verona, or other suburban communities and towns in southern Wisconsin.  We have permanent roofing solutions in a variety of styles to fit most residential architecture, flat roof commercial buildings and even for building preservation or historic preservation for churches and houses of worship.

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Advantages of a Metal Roofing System

A permanent, metal roofing system offers many advantages over asphalt shingle roofs.  Some of the obvious advantages include:

  • Permanence, our systems are designed to last at least 100 years
  • Attractive standing seam panels or individual metal shingles resembling various woods in various design styles to increase property values
  • Energy efficiency as many styles have reflective coatings that can reduce summer cooling bills by as much as 20% to 25% (<get the Energy Efficiency Tax Credit while you can!)
  • Environmentally friendly construction including up to 98% recycled aluminum, recyclable metals, and no periodic waste (asphalt shingles) going to landfills
  • Resilience against Wisconsin weather including resistant to 1″ hail, lab tested against 120 mph winds and designed to withstand 200 mph winds, waterproof, leak proof roofing to keep the weather out

The only noticeable disadvantage in a permanent metal roof over an asphalt shingle roof is the cost.  Permanent metal roofs are more expensive, initially.  However, when you factor in the costs of hiring crews, replacing shingles every few years and replacing an entire roof every 17-20 years, then the apparent value and savings in a metal roofing system are apparent.

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Although the initial cost is higher, consider that you are making an investment, literally in investment-grade metal roofing products that do not start depreciating the minute they are installed.  Our metal roofing systems are a legacy to your heirs, business partners or church congregants.  Get a metal roofing system that will stand the test of time.

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