Understanding When to Re-Roof Your Home

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Tips for Easy Metal Roof Maintenance


Metal roof maintenance is relatively easy for an aluminum roofing system. If you keep up with the maintenance the roof, (what little there is), this type of roof should last you 30 or more years.  Metal Roofing Systems of Madison, Wisconsin (serving Southern Wisconsin and the Milwaukee metro) has roofing systems, panels and metal shingle roof systems designed for residential and commercial usage that will last 100 years!  Metal Roofing Systems also provide bids, estimates and information for bidding processes for commercial buildings and historic preservation or restoration on churches and houses of worship; and we are major roofing contractor for residential properties in Madison, Milwaukee, Stoughton, Racine, Waunakee and many other Southern Wisconsin communities.

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Things You’ll Need for Metal Roof Maintenance

Here are some additional upkeep suggestions for the DIY metal roof maintenance man or woman:

Roofing Cement, Roofing Cement, Latex Paints, Paintbrushes, Washers, Paintbrushes, Solder, Soldering Guns/Irons

Roof Maintenance Tips

1.    Be careful not to let metals of different types touch each other. Chemical reactions between different materials can invite corrosion.

  1. Keep paint touched up to keep rust at bay.
  2. Repair holes and open seams as soon as possible.
  3. Cover very small holes with roofing cement. Solder a patch of the same metal over larger holes.
  4. Only use screws made of the same metal as the roof.
  5. Always use screws with washers and install them in raised areas, not low areas where water can pool and leak.

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Pre-Treated Metal Roofing Products and DIY Treatments

Surprisingly most metal roofs are either Galvanized, aluminized, or Galvalume coated from the manufacturer. These pre-coated materials are relatively maintenance-free, in general. It is not uncommon for manufacturer’s of metal roofing products to warrantee their products for 50 years or more.

If your metal roof is not pre-treated, one of the best performing finishes for metal roofing used in metal roof maintenance is Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF). PVDF is said to add to the overall strength of the metal, have high weather resistance, chemical and corrosive resistance, UV light protection, and fungi resistance. If you use a PVDF treatment, you will only have to check it every 9 years to see if it needs reapplied.

Most of the other metal roofing finishes – urethane, plastisol, acrylic and silicone – require your attention every 3 to 5 years. Often PVDF only needs reapplication every 15-20 years, making it by far, the best choice to use on your metal roof. Keep in mind” a properly maintained metal roof can often outlast the structure it is built upon.

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