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Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Whether you need a metal roof deck, an entire home roofing system, or a permanent metal roof for a garage, Metal Roofing Systems has a permanent metal roofing solution for homes, carports, deck roofing, flat roofs, or for other structures.  Metal Roofing Systems installs high quality, durable metal roofs for homes, business and houses of worship/churches throughout southern Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Madison, Jefferson, Beloit, Stoughton, Racine, Elkhorn, Verona, Monroe, Kenosha, Waunakee, or other suburbs, towns and communities.

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A Permanent Solution Provides a Lower Cost

Most people think that metal roofs are more expensive than a traditional wood frame and asphalt shingle roof.  Initially, this is true; but considering all of the expenses involved with repairing shingles, replacing shingles and replacing an asphalt shingle roof once every couple of decades, a  permanent metal roofing solution for a home that you and your family may own for decades, the cost of a metal roof is quickly, quite affordable.

Consider a few of the following advantages of a metal roofing solution:

  • Energy-efficiency – whether a metal roof deck, a carport roof or a residential roof, metal roofs are more energy efficient – this may not matter on a deck,  in a sun room or in an outbuilding, but even with air conditioning, the structure is considerably cooler in summer months with our reflective coatings (reduce actual electricity cooling bills by as much as 25%); learn about metal roofing energy efficiency and apply for the energy efficiency tax credit if eligible
  • Weather-resistant – from being waterproof or leak proof systems, panel and metal shingle roof systems also withstand the worst that Wisconsin winters can throw at you including a very high hail-impact resistance (up to 1″ hail) to withstanding 120 mph lab-tested winds (designed to withstand 200 mph winds) to (with a properly installed ventilation system) reducing the heat gain and loss during freezing and hot months out of the year
  • Environmentally-friendly – when you do not need to replace petroleum-based asphalt shingles every couple of years or tear off a roof every couple of decades, there is considerably less toxic materials and roofing debris going into landfills
  • Versatility – with a variety of styles to choose from, View Our Photo Gallery, you can match almost any architectural style to a seamless metal panel system or metal shingle roofing system to improve the value of your property

DIY Roofing Projects

Whether you are interested in a DIY metal roof deck project, installing a carport roof, or replacing your entire residential roof, you owe it to yourself to attend a DIY metal roofing seminar, and, also, discuss your product needs, requirements and installation specifications with Metal Roofing Systems.  We consult with businesses, homeowners, church board/congregations, and DIY individuals all the time.  Whether you want an estimate, bid, or advice on how to install our permanent metal roofing solutions yourself, Metal Roofing Systems is at your disposal for product and service information and advice.

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