The Benefits of the Oxford Shingle Roofing System

Metal Roofs – Durable, Permanent, Energy-Efficient Solutions
Friday, July 16th, 2010

So, what are some of the metal roofing pros and cons?  There is a wide range of advantages to metal roofing installed by Metal Roofing Systems.  We provide service in Milwaukee, Madison, and towns and communities throughout the metropolitan regions and southern Wisconsin; and our roofing systems withstand the extremes of Wisconsin weather.

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Some of the advantages of metal or aluminum roofing systems include:

  • A permanent roofing system designed to last for at least 100 years
  • Permanent roofs do not require the ongoing repair and roof replacement necessary with asphalt shingle roofs
  • Permanent metal roofing systems are very durable, designed for the life of your home (or longer) you do not need to replace your roof periodically as you do with traditional wood frame roofs and asphalt shingles
  • Energy-efficiency – our metal roofs use a reflective, patented Kynar/Hylar 5000 finish (Classic styles) designed to reduce cooling bills by at least 20%; “Go Green” with a metal roofing system
  • Reduced waste – asphalt shingle roofs, whether repairing or replacing produce a lot of environmentally unfriendly waste that just lands up in a landfill
  • Attractive designs in a variety of styles from traditional and country styles to contemporary styles for residences; Review our Photo Gallery; commercial flat metal roofing systems are also available
  • Metal roofing systems can be integrated into your current architecture and placed over an existing roof in most cases
  • Metal roofing systems are designed with and integrated sheet metal system that  prevents leakage – traditional roofing styles cannot compete with this integrated roofing system
  • Our metal roofing systems are made from 94-98% recycled materials and are recyclable as well

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So, now that you know a few advantages in the metal roofing pros and cons categories, what are some of the disadvantages of a metal roofing system?

  • The largest disadvantage of a residential or commercial roofing system is the cost; metal roofs do cost more than traditional wood frame asphalt roofs
  • The installation cost is generally more as well
  • Style – some individuals may just not be interested in a metal roof and prefer a traditional roof, but our range of roofing styles can actually enhance most current architecture

Are the Cons Really a Disadvantage?

However, are these actually disadvantages?  When you weigh metal roofing pros and cons, also consider that the initial cost of the sheet metal roofing materials and accessories for any size roof are indeed higher than the equivalent amount of materials for asphalt roofs.

When you consider that your metal roofing system will last longer than your lifetime, and that you can pass on a home or business property that will continue to last well into your inheritors’ lifetime (or congregation in the case of houses of worship and churches), is a metal roof really more expensive?  Actually, when you factor in the cost of repairing and replacing asphalt roofs every couple of decades, then a metal roofing system is actually less expensive.  Learn more about the benefits of metal roofing.

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