Over all, we would recommend Metal Roofing Systems

Jack Gugger:

Thanks for a fine job. It started with Danah. My first call and discussion was with Danah I put her through the mill with questions and comments. She not only didn’t falter, but convinced me that yours was the right company. She is definitely your finest and main front line asset. I was impressed by the way she handled my original call, and surprised with her knowledge. Thanks Danah!

Your workmen, they are more than installers, worked professionally and were not afraid to answer my questions, even the hard ones, that I would usually save for you, the boss. In cutting the metal, flashings, etc, they are masters. That part of construction is usually messed up (as I have observed throughout my career). Your guys did it right. Also the “on the job” requirements were all done to satisfaction. Thanks Guys!

Finally Jack, you handled that first check mistake (ours) with class. No “cry baby” comments. Thanks Jack! Over all, we would recommend your company and work to anyone who asks.

One last thing Jack, give Danah and the crew a special “At-A-Boy”. They did a lot of undercover P.R. It’s a client pleaser!”

Donald and Judy B.
Neosho, WI