Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Snow Guards for Metal Roofs Are a Must!


Snow guards for metal roofs prevent the dangerous movement of frozen precipitation on a sloped roof by suspending it in a holding field so it can melt completely or drop off in small amounts. Snow guards are a critical element in protecting not only roofs and gutters from damage, but the people below them as well, i.e. six people were injured prior to the 2011 Super Bowl when ice from Cowboys Stadium (Dallas, TX) fell on them.

Your New Metal Roof with Snow Guards from Metal Roofing Systems Will Last and Look Great for Up to a Century

Mounting Snow Guards

Metal roof snow guards are roof-mounted at spaced intervals and in two or more rows near the edge of a roof. Moreover, the snow guards for metal roofing need to be mounted in the lowest portion of a roofing panel where the snow and ice actually moves. The flat surface should stand at least the height of the seam, creating a connected field to hold snow and ice stationary until it can melt off safely. The idea is that, as snow and ice back up against the guards, it will harden and create a dam. In turn, the ice dam will prevent the mass of snow from sloughing off the roof all at once in a single avalanche.

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Snow Guard Styles

The metal roof snow guards come in different styles so that snow and ice must either:

  1. Pass over the surface of the mounting base before being halted by the perpendicular face;
  2. Pass halfway over the mounting base; or
  3. Encounter the perpendicular face first, so that snow and ice do not pass over the mounting base at all.

Our snow guards for metal roofing are a cost-effective, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing snow retention solution for any metal roof or standing seam metal roof located in a snow-prone climate.

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