Roofing Material Matters

Madison Wisconsin roofing

Your roof may be one of those things that you’d only like to think about one time in your life. Once it’s in place, you may expect it to last a lifetime, while looking gorgeous from beginning to end. Unfortunately, some modern roofing materials don’t live up to this expectation. If you live near Madison Wisconsin roofing materials can be of the utmost importance.

The climate here can bring a surprising amount of rain and hail in the cold months, plus the threat of fire in the summer. The best type of roof is one that protects a house from the elements and looks good too.

Asphalt shingles used to be a material that would last a few decades, but manufacturers no longer use as many petroleum products in the making of them. Because of this, they tend to fall apart much quicker and don’t do a very good job of keeping a house snug and dry inside.

Wood shakes were once an industry standard, but they have fallen out of favor in recent decades because they can ignite when a spark of fire lands on them. The fire danger is so high, in fact, that many cities and homeowners associations have banned them.

One of the best Madison Wisconsin roofing materials to consider is metal. If you’re only familiar with the old-style metal roofs that look like sheets with ridges, you may be happy to learn of all the new styles available. Believe it or not, metal roofs can look exactly like shingles or shakes. With a wide variety of colors and textures on the market, you’re sure to find a design that will add curb appeal to your home while keeping you safe and dry.

Madison Wisconsin roofing materials are a matter of choice. For the best results, choose metal in a style that suits your taste and blends in with your neighborhood.