Reduce the energy demands of your home when you install a new Metal Roof

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Reduce the energy demands of your home when you install a new Metal Roof

During our free roof inspection, Metal Roofing Systems will recommend ways to improve your roof and attic insulation and ventilation. Whether you’re are installing an aluminum roof, steel roof, or a flat roof it is important to pay attention to how well your roof is insulated and more importantly how well it is ventilated!

Sufficient Insulation and Ventilation will not only reduce the energy demands of your home, but it will also help reduce global warming. Insulation and ventilation improvements completed while installing your permanent Metal Roof help reduce the cost of these measures. Proper insulation and the right Metal Roof will keep your home warm in Wisconsin winters, cool in the summer, and can significantly reduce your utility costs.

Contact Metal Roofing Systems for an estimate on an entire metal roof and the best methods to insulate and ventilate your attic. We serve Southern Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Stoughton, Waunakee, and many other communities.

Three Types of Heat Loss or Gain
Buildings lose or gain heat from a combination of the following three ways: conductive, convective and radiant. Metal roofing is the most conductive roofing material among the common roofing material choices. Conductive heat loss, however, is the least significant contributor to the total heat loss or gain of a building. Learn about environmentally friendly roofing materials and be sure to “go green” with roofing products from Metal Roofing Systems.

What is R-value and Why is it important?

Insulation “R-value” is a measure of thermal resistance, or resistance to the flow of heat, of an insulator. In general, the larger the R-value, the more effective the insulating material.

There are different types of metal roof finishes from which to choose for residences and other structures. Some finishes will be reflective and will help keep your home cooler while other finishes can actually add unwanted heat to your home. Our Metal Roofing Specialist will show you all of the options so you can make the best choice to help you meet your ventilation, insulation and permanent metal roofing needs.

Contact Metal Roofing Systems with questions or for a free quote on a new metal roofing system! Are you handy? You can also sign up for our DIY program to learn how to install a metal roofing system yourself.

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