Questions to Ask Before You Buy a New Roof

Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before You Buy a New Roof

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If your house’s current roof is aging or suffering from storm damage, it may be letting you know that the time has come to call roofing contractors in Milwaukee. Perhaps you have noticed broken, cracked or missing shingles, or maybe you see indications of water leakage in your attic. Before you take the plunge and purchase a new roof, there are some questions you may want to ask.

1. Which Type of Roofing Should You Install?

The first choice you may need to make will concern the variety of new roofing you will have installed on your home. There are many choices available, including asphalt, tile, wood, metal and much more. Many homeowners choose metal roofs due to their potential beauty, durability and longevity. Some types of metal roofing might even be able to convincingly emulate the appearance of wood shingles while requiring significantly less upkeep and maintenance.

2. What Are Your Payment Options?

When you contact roofing contractors in Milwaukee to replace your roof, you may not be able to pay the full cost of the project up front. Fortunately, there are likely financing options available. A local roofing company can generally work with you to make sure you can install the roof you need right now, then pay for it over time as you are able.

3. How Long Will Your Roof Last?

Before you have a new roof put in place, you will want to determine its likely lifespan. A long-lasting roof will probably be the best option for your home. Some roofing styles, such as high-quality metal, may even be likely to last for a lifetime, meaning that you may never need to replace your roof again.

When the time arrives to call roofing contractors in Milwaukee, you may want to be prepared with some questions. Ask your contractor which kind of roofing material might last longest while best meeting your home’s unique requirements. Also, inquire about financing options that may be available.