Protect Your Sacred Space With a Metal Roof

Metal Roofs for Churches

St Dennis Catholic Church Madison, Wisconsin 53714

Roofs are the structural protectors of your house of worship. Metal is the best choice of material for church roofs in Southern Wisconsin, providing beauty and performance for generations. If your sacred space is in need of a new commercial roofing solution, it is important to know the features and benefits of the material you choose prior to purchase.

The longevity of metal is proven and brings peace of mind.  Traditional asphalt shingles are temporary and metal lasts over 100 years. The children in your church today will be able to bring their great grandchildren to worship services under the exact same roof.

Beauty is an inspiration. Metal roofs are very beautiful and enhance the unique architecture of the church. Steeples and sanctuary roofs look positively grandiose, attract attention and inspire parishioners everywhere while increasing the value of the structure.

The features and benefits of metal as a roofing material are unmatched. Metal is fire safe, and reflects radiant heat that reduces cooling costs. It has wind-resistant interlocking panels, is impervious to water absorption and freezing, and sheds ice and snow by the reflected radiant heat. This is particularly crucial for church roofs in Milwaukee.

Metal is superior to asphalt in even more ways. It is impenetrable to mold, fungus, and insects. Once those asphalt shingles get attacked, they can deteriorate quickly, leading to costly repairs. Metal is also lightweight and environmentally friendly, utilizing recycled materials for a “˜green’ install. Due to the fact that you can install it over existing roofing, metal also saves you tear-off labor, and eliminates the need for landfill disposal.

The proper protection of your house of worship and its congregants is a major decision for church leaders. Having the key information to make the choice for the best material for church roofs in Madison and Milwaukee will guide you with confidence in this crucial purchase for your sacred space.