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Cool Metal Roof – A Permanent Roofing Solution to Meet Your Needs
Monday, September 20th, 2010

Metal Roofs – An Energy-Efficient, Permanent Roofing Solution

You can have a cool metal roof!  Although many people think the contrary, our metal roofing systems for residences, commercial properties and for churches/houses of worship are actually designed for cooling (and to retain heat in winter).

A metal roof with patented Kynar/Hylar 5000 finish is reflective, regardless of the color style (although lighter colors will also assist in cooling).  These textured, rugged metal roofing systems with a Kynar/Hylar 5000 finish are shown to reduce cooling bills by 20%, 25%, or even more depending on the style of roof, color and of course the amount of the roof structure that receives direct sunlight.

Tree shade, of course, is an easy way to help cool almost any residence or other building in the high heat of summer months.  However, our reflective energy efficient metal roofing systems allow you to “Go Green” with a new, permanent metal roof at your home, business, church or house of worship.

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Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions

When you request a bid or an estimate on a residential or commercial cool metal roof, you will get the services of your reliable, reputable metal roofing company to install a leak-proof, weather-resistant, energy-efficient roofing solution – and the roofs are permanent, designed to last at least 100 years!

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Some of the benefits and advantages of your new cool metal roof include:

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