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Metal Sheet Roofing Installation Services
Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Metal residential roofs provide a durable, long-lasting solution for houses, apartments and other residential buildings.  Metal Roofing Systems provides all the parts, interlocked shingles, metal panels, framing and installation services for residents in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, Janesville, Stoughton, Middleton, Waunakee, and suburbs and towns throughout southern Wisconsin.  Metal residential roofing provides “beauty for life,” and when properly installed, the roof will last at least 100 years.

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Durable, Permanent Metal Roofing Solutions

You have choices with metal residential roofs installed by Metal Roofing Systems.  Our durable, permanent roofing systems, although initially more expensive than asphalt roofs, are an investment that pays off in time.  Asphalt roofing deteriorates over several years and requires maintenance and replacing your entire wood frame roof about every two decades.  Learn more about the cost of a metal roof vs. asphalt shingles.

  • Country Manor Shake Style – interlocking shingles, roofing panels and metal residential roofs or roofing systems; designed to emulate roof shingles, but with the advantages of interlocked, watertight construction that prevent leaks and resist high winds – these metal roofing shingle systems are elegant, improve the value of your home, provide protection from the elements, and are designed to last for decades (no need to replace shingles or repair a shingle roof)
    • Increase the property value of your home
    • Avoid ongoing roofing repairs associated with asphalt shingles
    • Available in various styles and colors including Aged Bronze, Buckskin, Copper Patina, Dark Charcoal, Fairway Green, Musket, Slate Gray, Tile Red, Weathered Wood, and White Shingles – all designed to meet a wide range of architectural styles
    • Review our Photo Gallery for images of various interlocked shingle roofs and metal residential roofing


  • Rustic Shingle – some of our most popular styles; these styles are textured and designed to meet many classic styles of residential architecture; these metal shingles are investment-grade and designed to simulate asphalt shingles, but you will not have to worry about replacing shingles every few years as these shingles are a permanent solution for your roofing
  • Oxford Shingle – elegant, simple designs and colors simulate classic, slate roofing; these interlocked shingle systems are quick to install, are a low profile aluminum panel system made of thick aluminum panels; these shingles are available in a wide variety of colors and are ideal for a permanent, weather-proof roofing solution for your home
  • GridLock 15 Premium Aluminum Standing Seam – these aluminum roofing systems simulate clean, contemporary roofing and architectural styles; available in a variety of colors; the standing seam, rust-free aluminum alloy panels are easy to install and have hidden stainless steel fasteners

Additionally, our metal roofing systems are more energy-efficient than traditional roofs.  Many of the styles are reflective and designed to lower cooling bills as much as 20% – 25% in summer months.  All materials are recyclable as well.

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