Metal Roofs: Why They are the Superior Option

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The next time you reach out to your roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI, for a roof replacement, don’t just get the same old shingles you’ve grown used to. Instead, take the opportunity to upgrade your standard asphalt shingle roof into something more efficient, durable and stylish – a metal roof. While these roofs have only become really popular in housing design in recent years, they’ve long been the preferred material for practical homeowners everywhere. There are several reasons why these roofing materials are simply better than others, including:


When it comes to strengthening your home’s efficiency, you can’t take a bigger step than working with your roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI, to install a metal roof. The materials used to create these structures are excellent at reflecting UV rays away from your home. This keeps the interior of your home cooler, meaning your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the interior cool, therefore causing you to use less energy overall.


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of metal roofs is their unparalleled durability. On average, roofs made of tin, copper, steel or another material are expected to last as long as the home it’s fitted on, and generally about 200 percent longer than the average shingle roof. This means you can enjoy your roof longer without worrying about maintenance and replacements.


The only reason metal roofs weren’t popular until the past few years was simple a lack of style. However, the modern metal roof you’d be receiving from your contractor can accurately imitate any other style and material out there. Therefore, you can get the traditional appearance of a shingle roof without having to deal with the lack of durability and efficiency.

These are only a few reasons why metal roofs are the superior option for homeowners looking for an upgrade. Talk to your roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI, to learn more about this product and how it’ll fit with your home.