Metal Roofs: Why They are the Superior Option

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

A Residential Metal Roof Is Well Worth the Investment


A residential metal roof is the best choice you can make for a long-lasting quality roof that you can rely on in Madison, Milwaukee, Racine, Stoughton, Waunakee and other towns and suburbs in the southern Wisconsin counties. Unlike other materials like wood and asphalt, metal lasts for a much longer time; and also stands up to the elements much better. Metal roofing tends to be more expensive than other materials. However, for the price, you’ll have a residential metal roof that can handle any storm and weather condition that Wisconsin winters can throw at you; and it will not require a whole lot of maintenance.  Residential metal roofing or standing seam metal roofing is the way to go if you want to protect your home with as little maintenance fuss as possible.

Your New Residential Metal Roof Will Look Great for Up to a Century and Carries a Non-Pro-Rated Warranty for as Long as You Own our Home!

Residential Metal Roof – Durable Materials that Stand the Test of Time

The biggest factor that makes residential metal roof systems so much better than any other material is its durability. While an asphalt shingled roof will only last for a few decades, metal roofs are designed to last for 50 – 100 years. The extra cost for residential metal roofing panels will get you a roof that is completely waterproof, and more fire resistant than any other material; in fact, our residential metal roof installation have a Class A fire resistance rating – the best in the industry.

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Figuring Out How to Price a Metal Roof

To get a good idea of the prices you can expect to pay, you should measure your roof to get the exact dimensions. Remember to measure for surface area, as well as your roof’s incline. Both have a huge impact on price. On average, metal roofs for homes will cost you from $6.50 and up, per square inch. That means in order to completely cover the average roof, you can expect to spend well in excess of $35,000 or $40,000.

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The price may seem to be expensive now, but if you think of your residential aluminum metal roof choice as an investment, you can easily write off the extra price with the fact that a residential metal roof is safer and will last longer” much, much longer.

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