Metal Roofing Systems is the MRA Metal Roof of the Month feature story.

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Here is a copy of the article that will be featured in next months issue of Metal Roofing Magazine.  You can also go to their blog to see a picture of the Burns home that was the focal point of the story.

“Metal Roof of the Month feature: Metal Roofing Systems

Like many homeowners, Barb and Tom Bruns of Wisconsin were dreading having to replace their roof.  Let’s be honest – nobody dreams about the day when they can re-roof.  The humble roof just doesn’t get that kind of love and devotion.

However, by working with MRA Contractor Member Metal Roofing Systems (, the Bruns found the process quick and painless, and are raving about the results.

“We love our new metal roof. We chose Country Manor Shake style. It turned out more beautiful than we had ever imagined!” explains Mrs. Bruns.  “I must say it’s one of the best home improvements we have made to our 21 year old home. The house now has a real “˜wow’ factor that’s even visible from down the street! It’s an amazing facelift to our home. It’s got the neighbors and passersby stopping to admire.”

Comments like these make Metal Roofing Systems’ owner, Jack Gugger, proud of both his team and the product line he sells.  His company has been an MRA contractor member since 2006, and they install metal roofing products by MRA member Classic Metal Roofing Systems (  After working as a general home improvement contractor for many years, Gugger changed his business model to take advantage of the growth opportunities in the metal roofing industry.

“The kitchen and bath business was very complex and time-intensive as it involved multiple choices for each project.  For example, we could spend two weeks discussing just one element, such as a countertop, presenting a homeowner with 30 different material choices, plus additional choices in colors and textures,” said Gugger.  “The competitive landscape is also very cluttered in the home improvement market.  Now that my company focuses on metal roofs, my overhead is lower, and I offer a unique product that is frankly simpler to sell.  All homes need a roof, while not everybody needs an addition, or an updated kitchen.”

Freeing homeowners from another dreaded home maintenance chore is one of the strongest selling points for metal roofs.  Gugger explains that the subdivision where the Bruns live is dominated by cedar shake wood roofs that are easily damaged by sun or mold, and require regular cleaning and maintenance.

“Now instead of paying big bucks every few years to clean and seal our old wood shake, we can sit back and enjoy the beauty of this maintenance free metal roof! We’re thrilled to be free from one more maintenance item,” said Bruns.

Gugger is also pleased with the value he gets from his MRA contractor membership, citing the organization’s strong internet presence, consumer awareness activities and lead generation as the top benefits.  “Our MRA leads are the least expensive lead that comes in the door,” said Gugger.  “Like any leads, they need to be qualified and consistently worked, however, I’ve made many sales from the MRA leads I receive.”