Metal Roofing Installation For Churches

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

You Can Put Your Faith in Our Metal Roofing Installation for Churches

Why do houses of worship put their faith in us and our metal roofs? Because Metal Roofing Systems has name recognition in Madison, Milwaukee, Stoughton, Waunakee, Racine, and other communities in Wisconsin for providing superior metal roofing installation for churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, and for historical preservation projects for congregations.

Our Metal Roofing Installation for Churches Will Last for the Lifetime of Your Church Building(s)

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Metal Roof Benefits

  • If your church is considering new metal roof installation or historical preservation, we recommend our metal roofing due to the following benefits:
  • It Passes the toughest Hail Test UL 2218 Class IV
  • It Is Fire Resistant.
  • It Passes the 110 mph Wind Driven Rain Test.
  • It Passes the 150 mph Wind Uplift Test.
  • It Is Energy Efficient – 34% less heat gain in the summer.
  • It Sheds Snow.
  • It Is Low Maintenance.
  • It Lasts a Lifetime.
  • It Saves the church hundreds of thousands of dollars in roofing expenses over the lifetime of the church; instead of replacing asphalt roofs every 15 or so years, our roofing will last a hundred years or more.

A Metal Roof from Metal Roofing Systems Is Both Beautiful and Durable.

We Are Here for Your House of Worship

We know that buying a new metal roof, and subsequently installing that metal roof, is a major investment for a church congregation or board. Moreover, we are aware that cost is always an issue among non-profit organizations, but we believe we can justify the cost to your satisfaction. We specialize in metal roofing installation for houses of worship, so we gladly work with your church leadership throughout the entire bidding process; and we will readily provide all cost and material information for your purchasing consideration. Our goal in installing metal roofing for churches is to provide a beautiful roof that not only will appreciate the value of your church building(s) and property, but also will last for the lifetime of the church.

We Specialize in Metal Roofing Installation for Churches. Contact Metal Roofing Systems Today to Place Your Order

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