Metal Roof Styles

Metal Roofing Installation Madison & MilwaukeeDespite the economical downturn America is experiencing, the green roofing industry is booming as more and more consumers are becoming environmentally conscious-minded. While the growth of interest in green metal roofing by both homeowners and business owners may sound surprising at first, it makes perfect sense considering green roofing technology ensures that green roof products are comprised of up to 98% recycled post consumer waste and aluminum metal content.

Financial Benefits
There are many financial benefits of green roofing. Some of these benefits include lowering utility bills (up to 30 percent, thanks to the insulating properties of green roofs), extended roof life (green roofs protect roofs against the damaging effects of UV rays, temperature extremes, erosion as well as human and animal damage), and storm water management, which can often be a costly issue for homes or commercial facilities.

Energy Benefits
Green roofing systems have a long list of environmental benefits as well, including mitigating the heat island effect so noticeable in urban landscapes, reducing toxic storm water runoff (petroleum-based asphalt shingles can leach out toxins over time), and reducing the amount of waste going to landfills (asphalt shingles must be replaced frequently). Because metal roofing reflects solar radiant heat back into the atmosphere, we can reduce the need for energy consumption required to keep homes cool, when exposed to direct sunlight , especially in the summer.

By keeping our home cool, we also attain better affect on the surrounding environment by means of absence of heat island affect, which is a commonly seen phenomenon especially in the big cities where the roofs of buildings gain significant heat, and release that heat back into the environment. This effect makes already hot cities seem even hotter and this contributes to the increased load on power generating plants during peak hours of the day when energy consumption, necessary to keep the building cool, increases throughout the day.

Your Benefits
Furthermore, let’s not forget that metal, green roofing materials are reliable, environmentally friendly, energy conserving, wind-resistant, rust-resistant, mold-resistant and fire-resistant , and they come with a lifetime warranty! When you do your part by installing eco friendly roofing, you can rest easy in the knowledge that by doing your bit for the environment, you will never have to consider replacing your metal roof in your lifetime – EVER! How’s that for giving your economical situation an upturn?

Green metal roofing from Metal Roofing Systems come in an assortment of styles and colors. Contact Metal Roofing Systems to order a new eco-friendly metal roof today!