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Adding a new metal roof is one of the methods used in the historical preservation of churches. A beautiful metal roof that lasts a lifetime will add beauty to your church building(s) without compromising the original religious structure’s integrity or the architect’s ecclesiastical intent. It will help you achieve your congregation’s historical preservation goals.

There are many aspects to consider when re-roofing with a metal roof for historical preservation of churches, such as lifecycle, cost, quality and maintenance.

Lifecycle Costs
A metal roof is the only roof your church will ever need during the lifetime of the current congregation. It can last from 50 to 100 years. Our metal roofing options are durable as well as attractive. It is widely accepted that virtually all of today’s metal roofs will offer decades of nearly maintenance-free service. Therefore, it is not hard to understand that some metal roofs on historic buildings, including churches and other houses of worship, have performed well for more than a century.

With such a wide variety of metal roof products, there is literally something for every price point. A metal roof costs averages somewhere around $6.50 per square foot and up, depending on the manufacturer’s brands, and the complexity of the roofing (gables, eaves, various angles, domes, steeples, etc.), but there are truly metal roof options for every budget. And, Metal Roofing Systems will work with your congregation throughout the entire bidding process and we will gladly answer all of your questions regarding materials, decking, frames, installation and other costs.

Thanks to the excellent reflectivity and emissivity ratings that can be achieved with paint finishes, many metal roofs offer true cool roofing properties that equates to great energy savings, even with darker roof colors. When installed correctly, metal roofs do an excellent job of standing up to the elements, as verified by RICOWI field reports conducted after Hurricanes Katrina, Charley, and Ivan, and the 2004 hailstorm in Oklahoma City.

Barring removing tree limbs, possible punctures, leaves and other debris left by storms, there is essentially no maintenance.

Your historic preservation of church buildings can be easily achieved by adding a new metal roof from Metal Roofing Systems. Our metal roof will enhance your house of worship in ways you never thought possible. Moreover, an investment-grade roof coupled with our historic preservation programs provides your religious building with eternal beauty, everlasting protection and long life.

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