Installing Metal Roofing Panels

Are Asphalt Shingle Roofs a Better Buy?

When considering the cost of a metal roof vs. shingles (asphalt and wood frame roofs) there are several factors to consider.  Metal roofs and installation are a substantial expense for homeowners and property owners of larger buildings (commercial flat roofs, churches and building preservation for instance).  Asphalt shingle roofs are a traditional, common approach for homes and other structures.

Four factors to consider when replacing an asphalt roof are:

  • Does the entire roof need replacing – do you need to tear off the existing roof?
  • Cost – asphalt roofs are in most instances considerably less expensive than a metal roofing system, but require ongoing maintenance
  • Repair – industry data suggests that the lifetime of an asphalt roof is approximately 15-17 years, although depending on materials used, this time may be considerably shorter
  • Replacement – asphalt roofs will need to be replaced, perhaps once every two decades; if you do not plan on owning the property very long, then this may not be a factor for you when considering roofing types

Benefits of Metal Roof Installation

When determining the cost of a metal roof vs. shingles, consider the following factors and benefits of an aluminum or metal roofing system:

  • Initially, metal roofing systems are more expensive; this includes the cost of the entire system and installation
  • Permanence – metal roofs last longer than traditional roofs; our systems are designed to last for at least 100 years
  • Metal roofing systems may be placed over existing asphalt or other roofs in most cases; factors that may prevent this include structural integrity of the current roof and local ordinances
  • Repairs – our roof systems are integrated, tightly locked systems designed to prevent leakage, withstand large hail, and are tested to survive high winds and extreme weather conditions; additionally, you will not have periodic repairs common with shingle roofs (shingles frequently need to be replaced over the life of a standard roof)
  • Environmental benefits – “Go Green” with environmentally friendly roofing solutions, these systems are energy efficient and of course reduce the amount of materials going to landfills
  • Learn about the benefits of a metal roofing system

Request an Estimate for a Permanent Roofing Solution

When you consider all of the benefits or disadvantages of an asphalt shingle roof compared to a permanent metal roofing system, we hope that you agree that permanence and durability outweigh the lower costs of a traditional roof.  Find out what satisfied customers with our metal roofs have to say.

The quality of your roof means protecting your home or structure; with a more permanent, secure, essentially hassle-free and leak-free roof, the benefits are noteworthy.

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