How to Properly Maintain Your Metal Roof

How to Properly Maintain Your Metal Roof

Property owners often choose metal roofs because they are durable. Additionally, according to Home Light, metal roof replacement has an average 61% return on investment nationwide. You can only expect to have a great return on your investment, however, if you maintain that investment properly through a metal roof company. Here are some tips on how to maintain your metal roof.

Keep Gutters and Drains Cleaned Out

Some people don’t realize that gutters and drains can actually have a huge impact on your roof. Gutters and drains are the perfect spot for leaves and debris to get stuck. This debris can lead to clogging. When gutters and drains clog up, it will create pooling water, and this can result in water damage and roof damage. Gutters and drains should be cleaned out annually.

Clean Dirt, Mildew, and Stains

Maintaining your roof also means keeping it looking nice. Over time, your roof may experience mildew growth, dirt buildup, and staining. Allowing these elements to remain on the roof will result in corrosion over time. Cleaning a metal roof should be done carefully, which is why it’s good to work with a metal roof company.

Remove Leaves and Debris in Roof Dead Spots

When debris is allowed to accumulate on the roof, it can result in a roof that is unattractive. It can also result in scratching to the paint. Low spots and valleys in the roof are where leaves, sticks, and debris are often collected. Be sure to remove this debris promptly.

Trim Branches Away From the Roof

If trees grow over your roof, you should keep branches trimmed away from the roof line. When branches and limbs are touching or scraping the surface of the roof, it can damage the paint or even cause damage to the roof itself.

Keep All Other Metal Materials Off the Roof

You never want other metal materials to come in contact with your metal roof. When different types of materials come in contact with the roof, it could lead to interactions that might result in degradation, staining, or potential for damage.

Clean and Repair Regularly

If you schedule regular cleanings for your metal roof, you’ll rarely need to worry about threats to your roof. It’s also a good idea to have your roof regularly inspected for potential damage. If you notice any damage to your metal roof, you should have it repaired quickly to ensure longevity.

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