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Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Aluminum Roof Coating Adds Year to the Life of Your Roof

The Need for Aluminum Roof Coating

During summer, due to the high temperatures, metal roofs tend to get distorted. This may even create cracks and holes on the surface of the roof. During the rainy season, the water cannot drain out of a flat roof that can lead to roof damage.  The best option for flat as well as a sloped roof is an Aluminum Roof Coating.

There are two main types of aluminum roof coating:  Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating and Aluminum Non Fiber Roof Coating

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Aluminum Roof Coating Application

Aluminum Roof Coating Systems consist of aluminum paste, oxidized asphalt, solvent and it may or may not contain fiber. The quantity of aluminum paste present in the roof coating often varies from one product to another. A roof coating that contains higher amounts of aluminum content will last for longer period of time.

The bonding between the aluminum pigment and the asphalt base is strong, which enables it to resist heat and moisture. Aluminum has high reflective properties. It is capable of reflecting out almost 70% of the sunlight. As the heat and light of the sun is reflected, the indoor temperature of the home decreases to a greater extent. In the future, when you need to upgrade or repair your roof, the task will be easier, if you have an aluminum-coated roof.

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Primers generally are recommended before applying a surface coating to a metal roof, regardless of the roof’s age. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturers for applying the primer and base coating. Once they are applied, leave the roof untouched until it is cured fully.

Advantages of Aluminum Roof Coatings are:

  • 1. Helps the environment by reducing the “heat island” effect.
  • 2. Lowers peak energy use, reducing energy costs year-round.
  • 3. Extends the life of the roof.

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