High Quality Aluminum Metal Shingles are an Excellent Option for Permanent Residential Roofing!

Vermont Slate Rustic Metal Roof Watertown, WI
Vermont Slate Rustic Metal Roof Watertown, WI

High Quality Aluminum Metal Shingles are an Excellent Option for Permanent Residential Roofing!

Make your new roof beautiful, with Aluminum Metal Shingles. Our Aluminum Metal Shingles have a rugged texture with realistic wood grain and come in many distinctive colors that will work with any home style. The Kynar/Hylar 5000 finish resists streaking and staining. Fasteners are concealed, hold tight and never weather.

Aluminum metal roofing materials will not rust, rot, tear, or become infested with bugs or mold. Aluminum roofing panels are lightweight, durable, highly energy efficient and metal roof tiles can be installed directly over one layer of asphalt if the substrate is in good condition.

According to surveys conducted by aluminum roofing manufacturers, homeowners can expect their cooling costs to decrease by up to 20 percent each year. Aluminum roofing is fire resistant, is made of approximately 97% recycled aluminum materials and in many cases, outlast the life of the home. Aluminum Roof Shingles by Metal Roofing Systems Come in Several Styles and colors.

Aluminum Metal Shingles from Metal Roofing Systems:

  • Carry a Class A UL Fire Rating, which indicates how well the shingles will resist an external fire. (Class A provides the greatest fire resistance.)
  • Are favored by the insurance industry, so the cost homeowners insurance may be reduced.
  • Are rated to withstand a 120 mile-per-hour wind-driven rain without leaking.
  • Will withstand most hail without cracking, (although the hail ratings that are often quoted for metal shingles do not test for permanent denting.)

Contact a Metal Roofing Systems expert today for a Free Quote and we will help you choose the best permanent aluminum roofing system that is right for your home, the best style, and the best metal roofing color that will help make your home beautiful for many decades to come! (608) 663-2687

You will make the final decision about what product will be installed on your home. We will provide the facts about each metal roof available in today’s market and you can be assured of making an informed decision. If we can’t provide something that fits your needs, we’ll help you find someone that can!

 Metal Roofing Systems Specializes in Permanent Roofing Installation and has been installing roofs for more than 30 years. Ask About Our Lifetime Warranty?

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