Dealing With a Leaky Roof? 3 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing in Milwaukee

Noise Levels Comparable or Less than Traditional Roofing
Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Metal roof noise is a frequent subject of discussion with customers considering a metal or aluminum roofing system, or a traditional wood frame roof and asphalt shingles roof.  Our metal roofing designs have taken this consideration seriously.  Metal Roofing Systems installs textured metal roofs with grooves that help channel water for drainage, and to deaden the sound of rain, or even hail associated with strong rainstorms.   Learn about the advantages of metal roofing over asphalt shingle roofing.

What kind of noise levels can I expect from a residential metal roof?

  • Under normal construction, installation noise is no more objectionable than traditional methods – noise levels are comparable to these techniques
  • Our textured residential roof systems actually help reduce the noise from rain, even in heavy rainstorms
  • Our rugged, textured roof systems reduce “sound-board” resonating effects you might expect with a traditional metal roof or flat metal roof
  • Our deeply textured folds in the roofing system nearly eliminate any “pinging” sounds common with older commercial roofs
  • Learn more about Metal Roofing Noise and Specifications

Our residential and commercial metal roofs can withstand thunderstorms, strong winds, heavy rains, and hail with comparable noise levels for traditional roofing.  Our roof systems reduce noise commonly associated with older flat roof styles (particularly flat commercial roofs.  Additionally, sound levels in larger buildings with our metal roofing are comparable to traditional roofing designs.   Learn about our IB Flat Roofing System.

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Roofs Made to Withstand Wisconsin Weather

Generally, metal roof noise associated with other weather conditions is less as well.  Other benefits or advantages of our metal roofing include the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions including high winds, thunderstorms and hail.

  • Wind tests on our metal roofing systems are laboratory-tested to withstand 120 mph winds; the roofs should withstand winds up to 200 mph
  • Our metal roofs have the highest H-4 impact resistance rating for hail up to certain sizes; with our rugged, deeply textured roofs, hail noise be reduced
  • Interlocked metal roof systems and shingle systems are tightly locked to prevent leakage; you should not have any noise normally associated roof leaks

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