A Closer Look at the Rewarding Benefits of Metal Roofing

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Metal Roof Construction Made Easy

Metal Roof Construction Contractors – Homes, Businesses and Churches

When properly estimated, there is very little waste material in a new metal roof construction project for residences, churches, houses of worship or for flat roof commercial buildings. Metal roofing is ordered per each piece, whether it is in sheet form, trim or ridge material.  Metal roofing sheets are available from Metal Roofing Systems (Madison and Milwaukee) and cut to exact lengths, allowing for less on-the-job fabricating or finishing during installation at a home, business, church or other house of worship.

Your New Metal Roof Will Look Great for Decades and Carries a Non-Pro-Rated Warranty for as Long as You Own our Home!

DIY Metal Roof Construction and Installation Projects

When working with metal roofing materials there are several things that you should know before you begin. Metal roofs require a certain amount of skill when it comes to installation and layout. Nonetheless, the average do-it-yourself homeowner can tackle these issues with a little preparation.

Metal roofing can either be installed on top of existing shingles-providing that the shingles are not lumpy-or directly onto a plywood roof. Make sure that you install felt paper beneath the metal if you are covering plywood. Measure off one end of your roof, usually 40 inches-metal is 42 inches wide and it laps by 2 inches, and snap chalk lines as reference lines for the first two pieces, one on each side of the gable for a gabled roof. Attach the metal using color-matched screws that have rubber washers.

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The screws should be inserted in the valley and not the ridge of the metal pattern. Lap the following pieces of metal over the previous pieces by 2 inches. After all the metal has been installed, attach the ridge cap on the ridge of the roof, or if you have a flat roof, attach wall flashing and drip edges where necessary. You metal roof supply store will direct you to the correct metal supplies.

Metal roof construction materials come in an array of profiles – tile, shake, shingles, and corrugated panels, to name a few – and in materials ranging from aluminum to copper to sheet metal and steel.  A variety of color coatings are also available to help you create the look you want with the durability and sustainability you need.

Metal Roof Construction/Installation from Metal Roofing Systems in Madison Are Eco Friendly

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