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Metal Roofing Installation in Southern Wisconsin
Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Metal roofing display home and showcase roofs are available for prospective residential, commercial and church boards or directors of houses of worship to view.  We have customers that are willing to have their roofs shown to prospective customers during the installation process; and, we have a showcase home program for prospective customers.

If you are interested in installing a permanent, energy-efficient metal roofing system, please ask Metal Roofing Systems about our home showcase program, and about how you can qualify.

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A Wide Range of Styles to Fit Your Architecture

Whether you are interested in a roof that you see on one of the metal roofing display home or showcases, or you need an entirely different style of roofing to fit your residential, commercial or other-use structure, Metal Roofing Systems has a wide range of styles to fit contemporary architecture, to older style homes and buildings worthy of historical preservations.

Some of the wide range of styles and metal colors to choose from include:

  • Rustic Shingle Roofing – our most popular style in a variety of colors; this is a metal roofing system that simulates the rich textures of traditional wood or asphalt shingles with the advantage that they will not rot, mold, warp or need to be replaced.
  • Oxford Shingle Roofing – simulates classic slate roofing styles, the baked-on Kynar/Hylar coating (for increased reflectivity and energy-efficiency); the large 12″ x 6O” panels interlock for a quick installation
  • ClickLock 15 Premium Aluminum Standing Seam – heavy duty, nearly “rust free” contemporary designs with stainless steel fittings and hidden fasteners that allow for expansion and contraction during weather extremes
  • Country Manor Shake –  an excellent, elegant metal shingle with the appearance of split cedar; shingles lock together for a water-tight seal
  • Commercial IB Flat Roofing System – PVC (polyvinyl chloride) membrane roof that has excellent flame resistance and expansion and contraction attributes for the extremes of Wisconsin summers and winters; highly resistant to impacts, and has a lifetime warranty

Display Home Program

Metal roofing display homes are available to visit while our crews are installing the roofing systems; please respect the privacy of the residents if we are not currently working on the roof.  Metal Roofing Systems also offers homeowners in certain locations, with specific roofing installations, the option of discounts if we need a display home or showcase home in your neighborhood.

Customers can take advantage of discounts upon agreement of allowing their installed roofing systems to be viewed by our prospective customers.  Of course, please contact us for locations of current display homes if you would like to see an installed roof; and respect the privacy of the homeowners during the hours that are not listed for viewing.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in receiving a discounted installation in return for displaying your roof to prospective customers.

Contact Metal Roofing Systems – Also, Take Advantage of the Federal Tax Incentive (until December 31st) for Energy Efficient Roofing

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