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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Aluminum Roof Shingles Have Many Benefits

Aluminum Roof Shingles (metal roofing tiles or aluminum roofing panels) are made by taking a sheet of aluminum and stamping the desired pattern, such as shake, tile, slate, onto the metal so it resembles the actual materials. A Kynar finish is applied to each Metal Roof Shingle and the finish is baked to ensure color retention and shingle protection. There are a variety of patterns and colors available.

Metal roof tiles can be installed directly over asphalt or shake roofs. Plus, metal roofing materials will not rust, rot, tear, or become infested with bugs or mold. Aluminum roofing panels are lightweight, durable and highly energy efficient. According to surveys conducted by aluminum roofing manufacturers, homeowners can expect their heating and cooling costs to decrease by about 20 percent each year. Aluminum roofing is fire resistant, great for insulating, and made of recycled aluminum materials. It should last the lifetime of the home.

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Ratings for Aluminum Metal Roofing

Aluminum Roof Shingles:

  • Carry a Class A Fire Rating, which indicates how well the shingles will resist an external fire. (Class A provides the greatest fire resistance.)
  • Are favored by the insurance industry, so home insurance is reduced.
  • Are rated to withstand a 110 mile-per-hour wind-driven rain without leaking.
  • Will withstand hail without cracking, (although the hail ratings that are often quoted for metal shingles do not test for permanent denting.)

The only downfall of metal roof shingles might be that aluminum roofs are so lightweight that they could be damaged if someone walks on the roof, so a person must tread softly and carefully. This does make cleaning the roof or gutters more of a challenge. Also, aluminum-roofing panels must be applied with care. If not screwed, or fastened correctly and securely, water can leak through the roof or the shingles could become unfastened in high winds. Definitely, though, the pros of metal roofing materials far outweigh the cons.

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